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New year and season gifts
Every project we do for May Foods is a pure work of art! Every time we make their ideas come true with a lot of passion and enthusiasm.

Last autumn we made house-shaped baskets for Curtis tea brand: the baskets were filled with spices, leather-bound journals, and recipes for hot tea drinks.

Our winter project was marked with the royal luxury that Richard Tea is known for. For their New Year gift boxes we created embossed cheese sets with made to order serving boards, special cheese-complementing appetizers, and New Year decorations.

Projects like these truly make us happy.

Below you can see the details of each project as well as the photos of the end results.
Curtis (Autumn)
Meet autumn with Curtis

A fragrant autumn tea drinks set. Includes spices, an assortment of teas, a cute house-shaped box. The charming scent of this gift box makes one get carried away with thoughts about a cosy autumn.
Richards New Year 2020
2020: the year of the Royal Mouse

With this box we aimed at expressing the royal chic and luxury of the brand. We designed it in accordance with the brand book: in gold and navy blue colours with golden satin ribbons, reminiscent of a royal mantle. In addition it contained branded cheese accessories such as cheese knives, a serving board, Plexiglas toppers, and a bag of nuts.
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